Archangel Michael Message for July 2019

The theme for the month of July is PERSONAL POWER.

“My children only you have the key to your personal power. We can assist when asked to lift your spirit to enhance your inner power. You are unable to take another person’s power/vibration unless they willingly give vibration to you. The same holds true concerning your own power, you can only give up your inner power to others if you choose to. My children personal power is equal to your emotional, mental and spiritual state. You define your individual personal power in all life lessons and experiences. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR INNER POWER. Acknowledge the Divine Knowing connected to your inner YOU and be present with self and stop giving your power needlessly. ASK us to assist with the Divine Knowing and to enhance your inner power and trust in ALL you are. BE TRUE TO YOU by trusting in your personal power and intuitive self.”