Archangel Michael Message for Nov 2018

Change lack vibration and lack thoughts

“My children lack vibration and lack thoughts represent a void of having. The focus of lack creates an empty vibration or void within. My children, when your vibration includes a void from lack focus there is an opportunity to fill the void with abundance and positive vibration. The learning or teachings concerning lack provides an opportunity to grow and change. Ask for assistance from us the Divine to give a gentle nudge, picture, or thought to acknowledge (you will know) when your focus has shifted towards lack or void versus I have. Once you have acknowledged your conscious shift we the Divine can assist to fill the void with abundance and love.

My children, once the void is filled with abundance and love your focus changes to attract more abundance and love in your Now. With your permission, we will assist the change and acceptance of all abundance. Allow the balance of giving and receiving NOW. “

Possible statement to use for assistance (within or spoken) “Divine I ASK for assistance to create awareness of my lack language and thoughts; I am open for change.”

Added bonus language/affirmation to USE. “I HAVE all abundance NOW.”

A message from Cindy; “Keywords to stop using are ‘I WANT’ because when you use this language you are coming from a place of lack. Switch to ‘I HAVE’ and pay attention to language you use concerning abundance.”