Archangel Raphael Message for Oct 2018

“My children, your thoughts and emotions influence your physical and emotional body in your earth realm. ASK for assistance to understand and believe in the Power of Thought while your physical and emotional body experiences any change. Be gentle with self and understand your own beliefs can affect your overall wellness. Perhaps you ASK for gentle communication of remembering from us, when your emotions and thoughts change to a negative vibration. ASK for assistance to lift your spirit to a positive vibration and outcome by using language and feelings of high vibration.

My children, we assist now by providing Self –talk suggestions to affirm:

“I am loved and deserve healing on all levels of my physical from Divine Vibration.”

“I accept lessons with ease and focus on positive vibrational outcomes as I am healing both physically and emotionally.”

“I am Divine Love.”

“I accept Divine Healing as I accept my own Perfect Heath in all forms.”

“I am in gratitude as I trust in my Divine Knowledge of Healing and Love.”

“I am, as I am now in balance and harmony.”

“I am a channel of Divine Healing Now.”

My children, during any time of healing provide your physical body with proper sleep, nutrition, and a stress-free environment. Love your body as it changes and heals. WE are with you as you ASK, believe and allow it to be.”