A little about Cindy Smith and working with Angel Energy…

I am going to share a personal story that changed my perception of “Impossible to infinite possibilities.” I moved from “I can’t to I Can.”

July 2007 is when I first learned about Angel Oracle Cards developed by Doreen Virtue. I wanted to buy a deck for my mom’s birthday. This quest changed my life. I went into our local bookstore with the mission of finding my mom’s present, once I located the oracle cards the decision was which one would my mom like? I picked up a deck from the shelf and just as I did I heard a booming male voice, “Those are for you!!!” I immediately put the deck back on the shelf and started to look for a hidden camera. I literally thought that someone was playing a hidden camera joke on me because the voice was so loud, and no one was there beside me. If only I was on video at the time because it would be funny to watch. Once I looked around the store and realized there was no one there I knew; I started to question what had just happened. When I picked up a different angel deck, no voice, but when I picked the first deck up again the same booming voice, “Those are for you!!”. I have always considered myself to be grounded and with my counseling background I knew what some would think hearing voices meant. I still laugh about all the thoughts that were playing in my mind at the time. “Am I stressed, do I need sleep, maybe it is time to get away?” Then the fear set in about what just happened. I still bought the deck, ‘Healing with your Angels’ by Doreen Virtue for myself and another for my mom. I put my deck away for 3 weeks; I was in fear of what happened to me in the book store because I could not explain it. When I stepped out of fear, and curiosity took over I used the deck for the first time. I was in complete awe of how accurate 7 cards could reflect everything that was happening to me at that time. I started to research about Doreen Virtue, and within 6 months I was off to Hawaii to take Doreen’s course “Angel Therapy Practitioner”.

I told everyone who asked that I was taking this course for personal development. This is when I first moved from “I can’t to I can!” After the first day of the course I knew that the booming voice I heard in the store was Archangel Michael. He wanted to get my attention that day and he did. I began to get clear messages that my life purpose was to teach. On the fifth day of Doreen’s course I received a message from Archangel Michael, “My child you are going to teach love, and we will guide and assist you on your journey.” Since that day my life has been on an amazing path of “I can do this, I trust and follow my inner guidance/intuition which I refer to as my angel team guiding my way.”

I have been blessed on my own personal journey of infinite possibilities and blessed to be able to witness students and clients who move into the “I CAN!”

Let’s start with my personal history, several years ago if I would have been asked to be doing what I am doing now, fear of being different would have stopped me in my tracks! Working in the professional world as a drug and alcohol counsellor and with my University training I was taught to trust in book knowledge versus my intuition/gut feelings. Using our intuition is natural for everyone, and I now know that my intuition is a connection with my angel team.

Using your intuition has nothing to do with woohoo energy, it may be that others are more comfortable saying “intuition” vs. “angel energy” for me it is the same. And this is what I have come to accept as being the norm. I have learned that if I perceive myself to be different or working in the “woohoo” world that is exactly how others will perceive me to be.

Working as an Angel Empowerment Practitioner has allowed me to experience even more profound results than when I was a Drug and Alcohol counselor. Now it is the norm for me to assist others to empower themselves to look within rather than to others for answers. Our angel team is direct connection to higher power or whatever term you use as they are non-denominational and they act for our highest good! They are found within each and every one of us.

My angel team consists of my guardian angels and some of the Archangels. Guardian angels are non-denominational beings and are a gift from a higher power. Each person on earth is born with at least two guardian angels no matter our belief system. We can receive additional guardian angels throughout our life span, and once they have joined us they will never leave. They are ours and ours only. I personally have at this point in time four guardian angels. One of which I received only two years prior to assist me with teaching. There is a difference between guardian angels and spirit guides as they have never been in life form, they consist of only love and light and have no ego. A spirit guide can be a loved one that has crossed over or a person that has chosen to be with you as a guide. We can have both spirit guides and guardian angels at the same time.

Archangels are of high vibration and of direct connection to higher power also but are available to each and every one of us to respond when we ask for help. They are like specialists in specific areas and can assist you in different aspects of your life from protection to helping you find lost items, etc. You do not need to know which one to ask, just ask! There is no right or wrong way to ask as long as the intention is set as they are of love and light with no ego and do not judge. You will learn more about the Archangels through my courses and teaching tools that I offer.

Yes, it is simple; it is us who makes it more difficult than it is. Like everything it takes practice and learning how easy it is to feel, hear, see and know messages from your angel team. Discerning the difference between your own senses or when the angels are using your senses to communicate. Trust me when I say, “We all have listened to our Divine Guidance many times throughout our lives, now it is just clarifying how and when.” There is no wrong way of communicating if our intention is love and light. This is why I love to teach; when I get to witness people in the “aha” moments of clarity and understanding of how easy it is to communicate with your angel team.

I have learned to ASK for guidance and then trust in what is presented to me. Guidance can be presented in many ways. For example, for something to get my attention I usually notice a message that is presented more than once. When I was first developing the two day workshop I received an email about an ‘I can do it Conference’ in Vegas from three different people letting me know they thought I might be interested. After doing some research I asked my angel team if they wanted me to be at this conference I would require some extra abundance to make it happen. The next day in the mail, I received a cheque unexpected in an amount that covered the conference and flight. I booked it that day. I could write pages of reasons why the angels wanted me at that conference because there were so many aha moments.

I will ask my angel team, “Please show me a sign I am on the right path, making the right decision or hearing you clearly” and then my symbols that the angels use for me start appearing. Symbols such as: numbers 11 11 or feathers which can appear in some odd places. Or I ask simple yes or no questions and receive clarity instantly. Sometimes it may not be the answer I want, so when I ask I need to be ready for the answer.

My biggest telltale sign of when I am being Divinely Guided is on how it makes me feel. If at any time I feel negative or unhappy with guidance I know it is coming from my own ego, my creation. Divine Guidance is only LOVE Guidance, our highest and best purpose/intention. It is about trusting and believing in what just feels right.

I have become a big believer that there is no such thing as coincidence only guidance. Everything that is happening in my Universe is being created for a purpose or a lesson.

Every person has free will which is freedom of choice (which includes individual belief systems). The divine energy is unable to intercede with our free will. Our guardian angel team may understand what is best for us, however, they can only support and guide if we ask. The only time that free will is ever overwritten by divine energy is when it is a near death experience and it is not our time to cross. Therefore, I have learned to ASK for guidance no matter how big or small.


  1. I am forever losing my glasses, I ask them to show me where I left them and I receive a picture within my mind’s eye where they are sitting.
  2. I ask for healing work through Archangel Raphael. For example, if I feel that I am a bit under the weather, I ask Archangel Raphael to remove any virus from my body and to increase my immune system. And it is done. There is a huge difference from how my body would respond to a virus six years ago, when I didn’t ASK for support, compared to now when I do.

I ask for support and guidance in all areas of my life, such as:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Relationship/Family
  • Business/Career
  • Protection for self and children

Message from Archangel Michael: “My children, you must ASK for us to support.”

My clients are people seeking change. I work with people through courses and/or work through one on one sessions. In my courses, there are three types of people; people who want personal empowerment/change, people who want to start an energy based business or enhance their energy based business.

My belief system is that if you are reading this information on my website, you have been guided to do so. I often hear that my clients just happened upon my website or at the right time they were told about me from someone, or say an add about me. This is because we are all given the right information when we are ready for it!

I teach personal empowerment which is empowering you with tools to allow yourself to look within for the answers you need for guidance on your life’s journey. I am rewarded time and time again when I see the people that I am working with the move from “I can’t, so I CAN!” Your knowledge base does not matter; I work with anyone who wants to make a change!

Here are some examples of what I have heard from my clients:

  • “I have experience in understanding energy or some forms of energy but I want to pull it all together.”
  • “I know I have this inner voice that I block and I want to open it up.”
  • “I know there’s more to life than the physical, I want to understand more.”
  • I have many students that are parents and grandparents who want to understand their children/grandchildren’s ability of being open and to assist them to stay open instead of shutting it down.

Empowerment means to me to be able to trust in my own intuition when seeking answers or guidance in life aspects such as career, relationships, and money to name a few.

I have been blessed through my learnings in a blending of modalities to be able to gather a tool kit full of tools that allow personal empowerment so that I can access the answers within instead of going to seek answers from others or being told what to do! I have been guided to become a teacher and blend my teachings together into an Angel Empowerment Practitioner basis.

From this basis I offer:

  • One on one sessions where we can utilize many tools such as fear block removal, chakra clearing, healing, and past life work. I pass on messages of support,  guidance and love from your angels to you. To find out more click on the “Angel”(this is a link area that will fall into place when putting onto the website).
  • Course work where you will be empowered to move from “I can’t to I CAN!” Click the link to find out more about the course details and how to sign up ”(this is a link area that will fall into place when putting onto the website).
  • Events, information sessions and teleseminars that are usually free and provide an introductory over view of what I have to offer, or may provide information on specific topics and guided meditations. See “Events” on my website for more information ”(this is a link area that will fall into place when putting onto the website).

Blended modalities when combined provide an enhanced knowledge of many concepts in one course. I blend the core foundations from all of my learning’s resulting in a course that provides you with multitudes of empowerment tools. The result is being able to go within for the answers and move from “I can’t to I CAN!”. And if you choose you will be able to assist others to do the same.

Take concrete concepts and skills and blend them with the intuitive. For example…I have a counselling back ground which allows me to communicate with my clients and I use guidance from my angels for intuitive.

I am a certified “Angel Therapy Practitioner” through Doreen Virtue and I have also taken the Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner course and Mediumship course with Doreen Virtue. I have my masters in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy, first Level in Huna, and a diploma in Substance abuse counselling.

Feedback from clients that you hear such as: I can put it all together now. When referring to me students say that they find me to be ‘grounded’ and ‘relatable’.

Experiential teacher, and through my courses you learn about me, my process and my mistakes and what I have learned from them.

“You Could choose to work with Cindy because you feel drawn to her energy. An energy that feels warm and welcoming and almost familiar to you. Cindy has a special way of opening her energy to let A.A. Micheal’s energy flow through so that you may easily connect and open to Angelic Energy. Cindy pulls from a vast array of tools and techniques from her background as a Counselor and has mastered the delicate balance of attending to an individuals needs within a group format while maintaining a connection to each participant.”

Codi Dalen AEP™, RAD RTS

“Being real and coming fully and unconditionally from the heart is what I got from Cindy Smith. She kept me in a place of receiving and surrounded me in a safe environment to explore change and newness. This has been my experience with Cindy, through all her courses and I love the fact that Cindy’s big heart continues to support who I am on my journey. We are forever connected, as well as the AEP family. This family is one way to experience the true feeling of the oneness we are all searching for on this planet. I AM so blessed to have an en-lighted family that understands my language. I AM so grateful and so it is.”

Love & Light Sherry

My intention is to provide space and concrete tools to allow each individual to move from “I can’t to I CAN!” which means the basic intention of change! However, we are each responsible for our own change and we have free will which means choice; it is your responsibility to choose to use the tools for change. Upon completion of any of my courses, I offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the tools taught as of day 5 of the class (only).

You can check out what past students have had to say by checking out the testimonials on just about every page of the website!

Awesome! Your angel team is excited for you! For questions, you can use the information on the contact page. Someone will get in touch with you ASAP and then we can set up a time with you to chat and help you with any struggles.