Archangel Gabriel for Jun 2018

Action List for Summer Months Archangel Gabriel

My children, as you move into your summer months set intention to bring balance of fun and play with your commitments of labour in place. This is your NOW time to bring Peace into all of your actions. As you set into motion your plans for your summer months focus on an obligation to self to create Balance in all you do. Therefore, allowing action steps to bring the balance of fun, joy, laughter, play, amusement and thus enjoy your life as you are meant to do so. Simplify your enjoyment and allow receiving the simple pleasures of intention based actions of JOY.

My children take a few moments in your time to create an ACTION LIST of simple steps to ensure your summer months are full of BALANCE in all you desire to create. On your list add steps to include solitude and time spent with other’s you enjoy being with; bringing balance of self-love and sharing with others. Once your list is complete ASK us to assist in all you desire and feel Divine Love sealed within your ACTION LIST. Your commitment to self is by FIRST taking the time to create your ACTION LIST, and stop all overwhelm/stress or any unwanted negative emotion while you are creating your list. Trust your steps will cascade into place with our assistance, and let the Joy begin. And so it is.