Archangel Jophiel Message for Feb 2018

(Suggestion: Pen and Paper to assist Jophiel in making change as you answer questions below)

“My children ASK and be open to receive Divine Love. You deserve love from us and others. Focus in your now time, and ASK to receive Divine Love. Centre yourself with your breath and bring your attention to your heart centre. NOW- ASK and Allow to receive energy from the Divine. Perhaps you see pink light flowing directly into your heart centre. Relax and continue to breathe. Continue to Allow. Please say to yourself repeatedly, “I am worthy of Love and accept from Divine Vibration NOW.”

Once you have accepted from us, we ask you to reflect with self by asking these following questions. Was receiving Divine Love easy?

Did I block Divine Love in any way?

What belief do I have about accepting Divine Love?

My children; please understand that only you as an individual can block love, there is no punishment in our Divine Realm. All of our Children deserve Divine Love. WE flow love easily with Divine gratitude for your acceptance as we are LOVE within your physical being and energy.”

“My children, Now is a moment in your time, to self- reflect on how you receive Love from others.

Ask yourself, Do I block love from others in my physical world?

WE ask in this moment to be in truth with self and write your thoughts on a list of how you receive love. Take this NOW time of reflection for self. ASK for assistance with your true inner knowing.

Perhaps some questions to Ask yourself are:

Do I acknowledge and accept the love given from others?

Do I allow loved ones to touch me, perhaps thru a hug or embrace?

Do I accept a compliment thru words or actions? Do I deflect the compliment?

Do I accept help from anyone? Do I choose to do actions on my own; or am I more comfortable to help others?

Do I accept a material gift? Do I feel obliged to give a gift back once I receive?

My children, it is important for your wellness to accept from us and others. WE acknowledge how much you give, please bring balance into your realm and receive.”


My children, do you acknowledge any change you would like assistance with NOW. Is there change you desire in how you receive love from us or others? If you would like change and to create more balance of receiving love, please ask. All answers you have asked self; please write down on paper. If you have any negative response, allow us to transmute the vibration. REMOVE vibration you have been holding. Choose the vessel of releasement and we will assist. Once removed; please affirm with us:

“I accept Divine Love as the Child of our Creator.”

“I accept love from others with ease and Grace.”

And So it is, Archangel Jophiel