Spiritual Mediumship Ta’Ow Course

New Course With Cindy Smith and Vern Pielle


Spiritual Mediumship and Traditional Teachings

Connect you to your ancestors and spirit world with NO fear. Perhaps you would like to learn how easy it is to communicate with your loved ones who have passed to the other side or perhaps you would like the skill set to become a Certified Spiritual Medium. This course is designed and facilitated to provide both.

Some topics and skills provided in course:

  • Basics of Working with Spirit World
  • Basic teachings regarding Ancestors
  • Reincarnation
  • Using All your senses to Connect
  • Description of Crossed over Spirits
  • Why do Mediumship?
  • Main components of Mediumship
  • Protection with Archangel Michael
  • What does the Lost Realm Mean?
  • Using your Ancestors for guidance (no fear)
  • Traditional Teachings from Vern Piellle
  • Practice skills during class
  • One on One and group reading
  • Become a Certified Medium (your choice)
  • Experience a Cedar Brushing (Traditional Clearing)

Cindy states, “Join us and experience Mediumship in a new way. I was guided to ask Vern to co-facilitate this course to bring in the Traditional teachings from the Ancestors in working with the Spirit World. I am very excited to teach this class. We will be on traditional lands for the class and you will have the opportunity to experience a cedar brushing (Traditional Clearing).”

Vern Pielle’s Bio


Hi, my traditional name is Oji’mixw (Gatherer of people) and my Christian name is Vern Pielle.

I was born in Powell River in 1958 and raised on Cortez Island, north of Powell River. For half of my childhood, I was raised in the Klahoose Nation on Cortez Island and the other half was spent in Powell River in the Sliammon First Nation.

I was fortunate enough to be raised by mother and grandparents. We lived and practised traditional and cultural practices such as food gathering, storytelling and living off the land. There are spiritual values in all that we do every day. I was always reminded of these values and practices by my mom and grandparents. All my life my spirituality has been important to me. I have seen, heard and felt the Spirit world all my life. My grandmother taught me how to value and respect spirituality always. My grandmother shared her healing hands with me when I was young and later in my life, my uncle shared with me as well.

As part of my wellness training, I met people 12 years ago who taught me Huna and NLP. My wife and Cindy introduced me to Angel Empowerment and the latest training is Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing. I am blessed to have all these people in my life and to be part of my healing journey.

I raise my hands to you all,

⇒ Cost is $388.00 + GST ( 2 payment plans available)

Location: Lund, BC.  (Cindy will help set up bookings for accommodation)