Cindy Smith is the Founder and Instructor of Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification Course™ and Co-Founder with Dr. Carl Le Roux of the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program. 

Cindy assists individuals to understand how easy it is to trust in their own Intuition and Divine guidance and with Angel Empowerment tools how to own health and wellness by healing and harmonizing every aspect of life and ultimately trusting in one’s self.

With a background in nursing and counselling, a Masters in NLP, Cindy teaches from a wealth of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to present a balanced, skilled approach to Angel Empowerment. Cindy’s life purpose and passion is to teach and she states, “One of the most powerful experiences for me as an Instructor and Healer is to witness individuals move from “I CAN’T” TO “I CAN!”

Cindy is in an Instructor/Author/Inspirational Speaker/Healer and has recorded over 20 Guided Meditations.

Get Your Guidance

Experience a new life by choosing our services that will help you with releasement,

physical & emotional healing and change.

Angel Card Reading Session

Cindy receives messages from a clients’ Guardian Angel Team. These messages are received thru 4 main senses (pictures, thoughts, feelings & knowing) which will be shared with the client. During a reading clients can also ask questions about loved ones.

Archangel Messages

Every month an Archangel will channel messages for the Global community through Cindy Smith AEP. These messages help everyone inspire change and understanding of how easy Divine assists in all areas of life.


Follow Cindy Smith AEP as she embarks through these guided meditations with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels.  Find the guided meditation that works for you and aligns you with your goals and aspirations.

Courses & Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the Angel Empowerment Courses.
Below are lists of some of the ongoing 
courses and workshops. The theme in all courses is to 

Questions about any of the courses and workshops are welcome!  Just use the contact form and don’t forget to mention the course name.

AEP™ Online

An opportunity for Personal Development and/or become a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™. Develop more of your intuitive, trust yourself with Angel Empowerment Tools.


Connect with your inner wisdom, guidance and intuition. Whether you are new or experienced in working in the Angelic realm you will leave at the end of the weekend feeling empowered.

Spiritual Mediumship Ta’ow Course

Spiritual mediumship and traditional teachings, connect you to your ancestors and spirit world with NO fear. Be safe in using your natural gifts. Certification course and meeting requirements in class.

Spiritual and Financial Freedom Course

Cindy and Jaden’s expertise in one workshop! Spiritual and Financial Freedom is easily accessible when you’re truly ready for CHANGE. Learn how to empower yourself by removing any possible blocks stopping you from being in Freedom.

Advanced AEP™

There is a focus on presentation skills development, working with the Archangels doing guided meditations and building confidence in facilitating groups.

AEP™ Hands-On Healing Program

A healing modality using the power of thought and language while receiving the Divine Healing of Archangel Raphael.

Events & Retreats

An Inspirational Day with the Angels

Saksatoon, SK

Nov 2nd, 2019

Celtic Angels

Ireland Sacred Tour


May-June 2020


Are You Open to Receive?

Do you give more of yourself and block receiving? Listen to what Cindy and the Angels have to say about opening to receive on your physical, spiritual and mental realms.

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